Woody Allen‘s new movie “Match Point” is a suspenseful tale of a young working class man who marries into upper-crust British society, then risks everything for an affair with an American actress.

Woody Allen, Scarlett Johansson

But the film’s theme is luck. And Allen, whose past muses include Diane Keaton and Mia Farrow, seems to have found his new Lady Luck — Scarlett Johansson.

There’s a good chance audiences will want to see her steamy sex scenes with “Match” costar Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. Unlike characters in Allen’s past films, these two do way more than just talk about sex. Especially noteworthy: the passionate encounter in the pouring rain between the panting, soaking wet, lush-lipped lovers.

Allen has called Johansson a “dream girl” describing her as “a naturally great actress. She’s very sexy, very pretty. She was just touched by God.” But apparently, he’s not that impressed with her clothes.

Photo Credit: Woody Allen carefully examines Scarlett Johansson’s Oscar de la Renta frock at the “Match Point” premiere post-party at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
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]]>“He hates everything I’ve ever worn,” Johansson has said. “Every dress — he hates. He’s extremely fashion-conscious, so I asked him if he would design a gown for me or, at least, pick my outfit for any major ‘Match Point’ event. I would never want to go shopping with him. He’s too particular.”

But Johansson looked pretty darn hot in a sexy, low-cut Oscar de la Renta linen frock at the film’s premiere after-party at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art last week. “I have my own taste and I know what looks good on me,” she admitted. “If you have to wear a lot of dresses and gowns, you learn your body very quickly, what looks good and what doesn’t. I’m very small and curvy so there are certain things I cannot wear.”

This gown was definitely one she wore well and, judging from Allen’s careful appraisal of her dress that night, his prior disapproval seems to be diminishing.

Johansson says she just loves Woody’s “hands off” approach to directing. “I respond very well to that and there is a nice banter between us. I loved working with him so much that I did it again. Last summer was one of the best summers of my young life,” she added. Johansson is also in Allen’s next film, “Scoop,” a light comedy (with sex and suspense) about an American journalism student (Johansson) who investigates murders in London and has an affair with an aristocrat (Hugh Jackman).

Allen even has some scenes in “Scoop,” playing a man who poses as Johansson’s father. Hmmm. Wonder what Mia Farrow might say about that bit of casting.

“Match” is reportedly getting some good awards buzz. But don’t expect the infamously neurotic director to sound happy about it.

“I just hope people come to see it,” Allen admitted with a shrug, at the veddy polite after-party. “I’d love to get an audience. It would be nice. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone shows up.”

But Allen is clearly not the best judge of his work. The 70-year-old director recently admitted that he tried to get the studio not to release “Manhattan” and even tried to buy back the film, offering to do another film instead.

Lucky for us, the studio didn’t let him.

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