woody harrelson Woody Harrelson gives $600 to panhandlerIt pays to recognize Woody Harrelson if you’re homeless in New York City. On Sunday (June 17), Harrelson gave a reported $600 to a homeless woman who approached him asking for money.

Harrelson was leaving a birthday party for actress Carol Kane when the woman asked for some cash, reports the New York Daily News. That’s when Woody produced $600 and handed it over.

Then the woman started yelling “Woody! White men CAN jump!,” referring to the 1992 film in which he co-starred with Wesley Snipes. Apparently they can also afford to carry around large sums of ready cash to hand out to fans.

He’s not the only one spreading the wealth. While filming “The Silver Linings Playbook,” Huffington Post reports star Bradley Cooper sent out his assistants to buy thousands of dollars of clothing for local homeless people.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson