work it boys 'Work It' video preview: Cross dressing to beat the 'mancession'

What are two guys to do during the current “mancession”? Dress up as women to score jobs, of course!

ABC announced its 2011-2012 schedule on Tuesday, May 17, and the workplace comedy (with a twist!) “Work It” made the cut for midseason. 

“Work It” stars Ben Koldyke as Lee Standish and Amaury Nolasco as Angel Ortiz, two alpha males who land jobs in pharmaceutical sales by passing themselves off as women. While this concept may seem a little offensive, Lee and Angel quickly learn there are fundamental differences in the worlds of men and women and ABC calls the show a “smart, funny and relevant look at male and female relationships at work, at home and socially.” The tagline? “Being a better man sometimes means having to be a better woman.” Seriously. We’ll try to reserve judgment until we see the finished product.

Also starring in the workplace, buddy and family comedy are “Lost’s” Rebecca Mader, Beth Lacke, John Caparulo, Rochelle Aytes, Kate Reinders, Kirstin Eggers and Kacie Lynch.

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