We start off this week’s A Model Life where last week left off.
The Petra-voiced recap fills us in on all the assorted ridiculousness and shows
how Angelika’s "lack of respect" got her tossed by Joel Wilkenfeld,
Co-President of NEXT.

After Joel left, all the girls just sat in stunned silence. Which, really, is
about the only way anyone would react at first. Except for Angelika who decides
to talk some more and blames the agency for her not working. Do you think it’s
ever occurred to her that maybe she’s not getting booked for gigs because the
people don’t want to cast her? I’m just saying.

Angelika decided that she’s going to go fix things with Joel and try to stay.
She goes in and says that she’s very serious about modeling and that they need
to communicate with her and blah blah blah (she’s contradicting what she has said in her solo interviews, by the way). Joel decides to give her a
second chance because he’s a good person … and a sucker. He’d rather give her
the second chance so she can either take it and succeed or hang her self with
the slack he’s just given. So, maybe not such a sucker move after all. The best
part is that Angelika says this experience isn’t going to change her and that
she’ll keep speaking her mind and blah blah blah. Really, it’s not that I
dislike her sticking up for other people or any of that, it’s just that she
doesn’t have consistency in her behavior. One minute she’s calling modeling a
joke and the next she’s talking about how serious she is about it. But, I

After Angelika returns to the meeting room, Tammy comes in and tells them
they’re going to a runway casting for Luca Luca. Lucia tells Tammy that she’s
not ready and she doesn’t think she should go, further explaining in her
one-on-one that New York runways are all about tall, skinny girls and that her
hips are "a little too big to do shows so it doesn’t make any sense to
go." I don’t blame her a bit. Why go just to have someone tell you
something mean? Tammy understands and tells the rest of the girls to go.

Like Lucia, Beatrice later decides not to go based on what Agnes the Worst Cop
told her earlier about "not being ready."

So the rest of the girls meet up with Luca Orlandi, the Creative Director for
the company. He takes test shots of the girls and has them walk (except
Michelle). It’s an all around pleasant experience, though Abigail got caught
off-guard and didn’t fasten the strap on her shoe so she felt a bit off balance
when she walked.

That night, Petra calls the Models-in-Training to meet her in the Presidential
Suite, which happens to be down the hall. Once there, she gives them a lesson
on how to do a Beauty photo shoot. Beauty shots focus on a specific facial/body
feature or product and what they use to sell things like make-up, jewelry and
perfume. They use a desk/platform to illustrate this. As Petra is showing them
what to do, even though she’s not hitting the poses fully, she’s still
gorgeous. It’s crazy. Lucia (lipstick), Beatrice ("diamond"
bracelets), Michelle (bangle bracelets) and Angelika (perfume) all run down
some poses with Petra advising them. All of a sudden, three very man-pretty,
shirtless guys walk into the room. Break out the dollar bills! Oh … wait. They’re
male models. Never mind.

The MIT’s get a bit giggly and Petra explains that sometimes the shots involve
another model. I think it’s smart to bring the guys in now so when it comes
out, some of the girls don’t freak … like Abigail who couldn’t quite stop
nervously giggling. She posed sitting on the floor next to a floppy haired
blondish model against the wall. All she really did was put her head on his
shoulder but Floppy Hair did really well because it looked like he was into
her. Kudos.

Next, Valeria gets to pose with all three guys on the couch. All the girls find
it amusing, except for Angelika who looks very sour-faced. V sits with two on
her left on one on the right. She’s given two scenarios – "I’m the Queen
of them all" and "I’m into this one guy and the other two are trying
to get my attention." It’s cute and those guys are really good models.
They turned it on better than most of the girls have done on past photo shoots.

Petra lets them know that they’ll be meeting with Karl Giant, the make-up
artist, the next day for some tips. But before that happens, Beatrice gets a
NEXTFax to come in and meet with agents Stephen and Tammy. On the way there,
she gets a bit turned around and asks a couple of people for directions. Then,
when she gets there, she tries a few times to open the doors which are locked.
She finally presses the call button and gets buzzed in, making an exasperated
"I’m so stupid" face at the camera. Poor thing.

It doesn’t get much better. When she goes to sit down by Stephen’s desk, she
slips off the rolling chair because it moved when she sat down. To make matters
worse, Stephen and Tammy have a modeling intervention for her. They tell her
that she’s beautiful but she’s trying a little too hard in photos and it’s
coming off flat. They tell her to relax. Also, they ask her why she didn’t go
to the runway casting for Luca Luca. She explains that Agnes told her she
wasn’t ready so she decided it would be best not to go. The only problem is she
neglected to call Tammy and let her know and now this casting director is a
little upset with them. They say that if they didn’t think she was ready, they
wouldn’t have sent her and that she should listen to them, not everyone else.
Poor, poor girl.

Next up, the girls meet Karl and he delivers many valuable make-up tips. At one
point, Michelle asks about how bronzer should be applied. Karl explains it
should go where the sun kisses your face. It would make sense that she wouldn’t
quite understand it seeing as, even though she’s a Daywalker, vampires don’t
tan. Once they wrap up, he sends the MITs off to meet Petra for a surprise at a
racquet club.

Once there, Petra introduces them to 14-year-old Jessica Long who was swimming
in the pool when they arrived. Jessica was born without fibula, meaning that
whole part between the knee and the foot was missing. She’s lived her life with
the mantra of "I can do anything" and as a result owns several world
records, a lot of paralympic medals and won nine golds at the 2006 World
Championships in Africa. Jessica also wants to try modeling and has had special
prosthetics made so she can walk the runway. She’s an awesome girl and inspired
the MITs to stop being so whiny.

Now we come to photo shoot day. Huzzah! They’re doing beauty shots with
photographer Darren Feist. Beatrice, Lucia and Angelika get fairly tame shoots
while Abigail, Michelle and Valeria got to wear some uber-dramatic eye make-up.
Karl Giant is rad.

Lucia’s shoot concentrated on her lips. She got to use these clear plastic
goggles and the pictures came out really well. Darren had a bit of an issue
because she moved so much – when he really wanted to focus on one pose that he
thought was beautiful, she was already onto the next pose. But he found it refreshing,
as he’d rather have a model giving him variations that being still and

Angelika’s shoot had her topless with dramatic eyes and some gold chains draped
about her. She did well again, which she’d better since Joel pardoned her death
sentence. Abigail and Michelle also did great, Abby working a feathered
eye/feather boa combo and Michelle in a spiky-haired Rock & Roll look,
complete with dramatic designs spiraling out from her eyes in black.

Valeria had a fantasy novel look going with gold Swarovski crystals feathering
out from one eye. She would’ve liked to do more poses but Darren wanted her
just to look straight ahead. He wanted her to "stand there and just look
beautiful because [she] was."

Beatrice … didn’t do so great at first. They weren’t really able to communicate
well and her poses were very static but when he turned the wind machines, it
got a lot better.

Back at the Model Loft, there’s a cute moment with Lucia making up a song and
running around with Angelika’s guitar. Lucia can’t play at all but it was silly
and enjoyable.

It’s time for Stephen and Tammy’s Photo Review!

  • Lucia – They’re happy with her and couldn’t find anything negative to say. Yay!

  • Angelika – Tammy says that while she’s hard to deal with sometimes, she always
    tries to deliver in the photo shoots. Stephen is concerned that her features
    are a little too strong.

  • Abigail – Her pictures pleasantly surprise them. They’re much stronger and
    she’s shown
    improvement. Tammy says this is the first time she’s notice how
    beautiful Abby is.
  • Beatrice – They’re disappointed because, even after they talked to her, the
    improvement is only slight. Stephen says "it’s not working" and Tammy

  • Valeria – They both note an improvement to her shots. Stephen points out
    there’s "life in her eyes."

  • Michelle – Her pictures are edgy and go over well. They’re both impresses by
    her working what she has. Tammy says that she’s smart because she plays up her

Stephen and Tammy agree that Beatrice is the only person they have a problem
with this week. They feel that she is not evolving and maybe that she can’t
evolve. Stephen adds that while they may not feel a girl is working, it’s
really up to the casting agents in the end. Looks like Beatrice is in trouble.
She better bring it next week.

Next Week: The MITs shoot with renowned photographer Gilles Bensimon. How in
the world did they swing that? I hope the girls don’t do anything asinine.

Posted by:Tamara Brooks