R. Kelly‘s song, “Sign of a Victory,” sung by the Soweto Spiritual Choir, at the opening  ceremony of the World Cup 2010, moved the entire world with uplifting lyrics about global warming.

He has said publicly: “I wanted ‘Sign of a Victory’ to be written and custom-made for the soccer World Cup. But I wanted to go beyond and spread it beyond that world and touch on some of the issues in the world that make us all one. And I thought if I touch on an issue like global warming, which is an issue we’re all dealing with, I thought that musically, lyrically it could make us one.”

]]>criticism for not having enough South African singers. Here’s a link to hear more songs off the album. And here are the “Victory” lyrics so you can sing along too. I can see the colors of the rainbow,
and I can feel the sun on my face,
I see the light at the end of the tunnel,
and I can feel heaven in its place, and that’s the sign of a victory (x2) I can feel the spirit of the nations
and I can feel my wings ridin’ the winds, yeah
I see the finish line just up ahead na
and I can feel it risin’ deep within and thats the sign of a victory (x2) Now I can the distance of the journey,
high and front with all your might,
you open your eyes to global warming,
been through it all, you sacrificed your life and that’s the sign of a victory (x2) If we believe, we can achieve anything including the impossible this I know so lets lift up our heads and raise the flag yeah yeah and scream like you want to win now let the games begin! that’s the sign of a victory (x4) when you keep on fightin’ , after you lost your strength that’s the sign of a victory
when darkness is all around you, you still find your way thats the sign of a victory
come on and sing, lift up your voice and sing, stand up, oh yeah, stand up sign of a victory
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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead