If for no other reason, the World Series is entertaining to non-baseball fans thanks to the cavalcade of stars who begin each game off with their varying takes on the National Anthem.

On Monday (Oct. 24), Demi Lovato — herself a Texas native — took the mike to kick off Game 5 between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers, live from Arlington, Texas. Unlike Zooey Deschanel’s simple, pretty take on the song to kick off game 4, Lovato brought some serious vocal acrobatics to bear — even adding in a bit of melisma in the final line. A risky choice, but one that paid off for the 19-year-old Lovato.

“I’m so excited,” Lovato told MTV News ahead of the performance. “I just nearly died when I found out. I cannot

The World Series appearance is yet another step on the road to wellness for Lovato, who spent a few months in rehab last year to help her overcome an eating disorder.

Did you watch? How did you think Lovato stacked up?

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson