scotty mccreery mct World Series: Scotty McCreery crams for the National AnthemSure there’s winning “American Idol” and having your album debut at No. 1 on the Billboard charts, hometown parades and an international tour.
But Scotty McCreery is singing the National Anthem at Game 1 of the World Series Wednesday (Oct. 19) and that’s something else entirely.
“This is a huge thing,” he tells Zap2it. “This is amazing.”
Those lyrics are tricky; witness the many who have messed up over the years. To ensure a perfect performance, McCreery is practicing.
“I am practicing every day,” McCreery says from St. Louis where the Cardinals will face the Texas Rangers. “My mom’s making me write down the lyrics on a piece of paper. And that’s how I study. That’s the way to learn.”
His mom is with him, his dad is driving up, and a friend may also join him.  McCreery is a serious baseball fan and plans to stay through the game — no singing and running for him.
“I wouldn’t let them take me away,” he says. “I am a big baseball fan. This is huge for me.”
Despite growing up in North Carolina, McCreery is a Red Sox fan. Still, he’s rooting for the Rangers in the series because Josh Hamilton, the homerun-hitting outfielder, is from nearby in Raleigh.
Standing on the diamond before a World Series is a dream realized for the lanky 18-year-old. He still pitches for his high school team the Garner Trojans. McCreery was in high school last week, taking a psychology test, and has to return to school. 
Whichever team that made it to the series and invited him was going to hear his country bass.
“Anybody asked me to do something like this, I am on the next flight out,” McCreery says.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler