super bowl worst ads 320 Worst of Super Bowl 2010 ads: Bud Light and moreThe Super Bowl XLIV showdown between the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts is all well and good, but what about the commercials?

Super Bowl ad spots cost top dollar so they should be good. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Check out of some of 2010’s misses and then check out some of the best ads:

The Dharma Initiative drinks Bud Light?

Bud Light’s tagline for this Super Bowl is “Here we go.” Its first ad was a pretty innocuous one about a house made of empties. The second one, featuring Francois Chau — Dr. Pierre Chang from “Lost” — has a group of astronomers anticipating an oncoming asteroid by hooking up and drinking Bud Light.

Excellent casting — but a major continuity break in the “Lost” universe. Everyone knows the Dharma Initiative drinks generic Dharma beer. (Also, the ad — with the asteroid being a teeny-tiny little rock — wasn’t that funny.)

Mr. Burns isn’t recession proof or immune to Coke

It’s tough times all around when Mr. Burns loses his fortune and has to sell off his prized possessions. Luckily, he learns to appreciate the simpler things in life and “opens happiness” when Apu hands him a frosty bottle of Coca-Cola. Suddenly, Lenny and Carl buddy up with him and everything’s hunky-dory.

Aww! Right?

Wrong! We are huge fans of “The Simpsons” and its irreverence, but this commercial was such a missed opportunity. Mr. Burns is a mean, spindly old man, not someone we want to feel sorry for and hoist on our shoulders.

Also, with the bad economy, could Coke not afford some humor? It’s “The Simpsons” for crying out loud!

We’re going to grab ourselves a Pepsi now.

Pants-less wonders – Career Builder/Dockers

You don’t need to watch “Big Bang Theory” to know that CBS has a sense of humor. The back-to-back commercials with people prancing around in unsexy underwear was obviously planned.

First there was Career Builder’s “Casual Friday” ad with everyone in the office stripped down to practical undies, loose skin flapping around. That was immediately followed by the Dockers ad featuring burly men traipsing through a field proudly singing “I Wear No Pants.” And yes, as advertised, they had their tighty off-whities on.

Funny? Okay, we admit it gave us a chuckle. But they sure made us miss the days of sexy Super Bowl ads with toned men and women showing off some skin. What about some Victoria’s Secret? Hell, we’ll even take Hanes.

At least nobody went commando.

That’s Dodge Rough

This could have been a winner (you know, other than the whole “our lives are miserable because of women” overtones that were prevalent here along with many other Super Bowl ads). Four men look at the camera as we hear their thoughts, including “I will say ‘yes’ when you want me to say ‘yes.’ I will be quiet when you don’t want me to say ‘no.'” and “I will listen to your opinions of my friends. I will listen to your friends opinions of my friends.” and “I will watch your vampire TV shows.”

Sure, honey, you want a Dodge? Go right ahead.

Oh, wait, there’s a small the problem though: “Dexter’s” Michael C. Hall does the voiceovers for Dodge. And seeing as how his narrations plays such a prominent role in the Showtime series about a serial killer, it’s kind of disconcerting. Looking at these men, you expect one of them is going to think, “I’ll kill you for your crimes and save a drop of blood for a souvenir.”

On second thought, no thanks. We’ll stick with our Volkswagen.

Gabba Gabba’ Nay

When we heard the cast of “Yo Gabba Gabba” was starring in an ad for Kia, we were pretty excited. But the finished product? Not “bad,” exactly, but not everything we were hoping for. Maybe we’ve just seen too many “party in Vegas” ads, or perhaps we don’t want to see beloved children’s show characters in a hot tub with a girl in a bikini. Chalk it up as more of a disappointment than an offense.

Audi’s Green Police should be cited

We care about the environment. Really. What we don’t care for? Being preached to in the unfunniest way during the Super Bowl. Audi’s clean diesel variant TDIs seem pretty damn cool — fuel-efficient and sporty. Too bad the commercial was anything but cool.

Instead of focusing on the TDI’s best attributes, most of the commercial was spent following the Green Police cracking down on eco-crimes like not composting, picking plastic over paper, using energy-sucking bulbs. Sadly, the humor was misguided and came off more as preachy. Ugh. Talk about your energy suck.

— Compiled by Brill Bundy, Hanh Nguyen, Rick Porter and Andrea Reiher

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