budweiser black crown super bowl xlvii Worst of Super Bowl 2013 ads: Budweiser, GoDaddy and moreRavens? 49ers? Brothers John and Jim Harbaugh coaching against one
another in the Super Bowl? Sure. But a significant segment of the
audience for
Super Bowl XLVII is watching the commercials as much as the game.

Advertisers paid up to $3.8 million per 30-second spot on CBS’ broadcast
of the game, which will reach 100 million-plus viewers. Did they
get their money’s worth? Check back throughout the game for Zap2it‘s running commentary on the worst ads of Super Bowl Sunday.

Budweiser: Black Crown

Budweiser has introduced its Black Crown beer, which is an amber lager with a higher alcohol content. And based on that stupid commercial, one has to wonder if the beer sucks too. Oooh, everyone’s in black. Oooh, look how edgy we all are. Like hot, trendy people in a hot, trendy bar are going to drink Budweiser. Sorry, not buying it. Also, the goth lipstick is doing you no favors. –

Andrea Reiher

Go Daddy: The perfect match

For the “sexy” Go Daddy commercial this year, the domain name site hired Bar Refaeli and a nerd to make out, because they represent the smart and the sexy, making them the perfect match. And that’s fine. It’s whatever. It’s not terribly funny, but it’s not that offensive.

Andrea Reiher

Budweiser Black Crown No. 2: Brought to you by ‘2 Broke Girls’

Seriously, Budweiser, who told you “hipsters” and “two-year-old song now best known as TV sitcom music” was a good way to sell beer?

— Rick Porter

‘Fast and Furious 6’: Stop us if you’ve seen this before

Trust us, you have.

— Rick Porter

Volkswagen: Get In. Get Happy

There was a lot of controversy surrounding Volkswagen’s Super Bowl ad. But, in the end, whether or not the white Minnesotan with the Jamaican accent was offensive, the commercial was just plain boring. Also, we didn’t see the car until the end.

— Laurel Brown

‘2 Broke Girls’: Stay classy

For those of you who have not yet watched “2 Broke Girls,” a tip: Although they’re broke, the two girls of the title (Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs) are not, in fact, strippers. That was just an unbelievably crass promo to get you to watch.

— Rick Porter

E-Trade: Irony alert!

The annual talking-baby ad for E-Trade warned about how investors could be losing tens of thousands of dollars via hidden fees on their 401(k) accounts. Yet E-Trade just wasted $3 million-plus on a really lame ad.

— Rick Porter

Pistachios: ‘Gangnam Style’ is officially over

The “Wonderful Pistachios” ad campaign is all about using minor or past-their-prime celebs to move product. So there is no better indication that the phenomenon of Psy is past its prime than this. Woof.

— Rick Porter

Dodge: God made a farmer

Guys, this is a beautiful ad. There are lovely shots of farmscapes and hard-working people, as the mellifluous tones of Paul Harvey wax poetic about the farm life. It’s truly a beautiful piece. Except that’s not really what farming is like anymore and a commercial about what farming is actually like nowadays would be really upsetting, especially to all the people who eat meat and never give a thought to where it comes from. Also, the ad isn’t trying to sell us on farmers and how great they are, or trying to convince people to go into that line of work. It’s an ad for a friggin’ Dodge Ram truck. Gross. No, thank you. Next.

Andrea Reiher

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