maserati super bowl 48 ad Worst of Super Bowl 2014 ads: Maserati, Ellen DeGeneres and moreAdvertisers paid $4 million-plus for the privilege of reaching the biggest TV audience of the year in Super Bowl XLVIII. Did they get their money’s worth?

Not so much in these cases. Here are Zap2it’s picks for the worst ads of the 2014 Super Bowl; come back throughout the game for a refreshed list, and also see our picks for the best ads.

Pregame dishonorable mention – Ford: James Franco IS Rob Riggle

Usually when an ad airs twice in a row during a TV broadcast, you assume it’s a mistake. Ford did it on purpose with its Rob Riggle-turning-into-James Franco ad for the new Fusion just before kickoff — and it still seemed like a bad idea.

— Rick Porter

Maserati: Strike

Up until the product reveal, Maserati’s ad was a gripping piece of TV, with the young narrator delivering a stirring David-and-Goliath kind of speech over some striking imagery. Then it cut to shots of a car whose base price is more than the average American family’s annual income. Nope.

— Rick Porter

Turbo Tax: Love Hurts

Did Turbo Tax really try to tell us that doing taxes was more fun than watching the Super Bowl? In a commercial during the Super Bowl?

— Billy Nilles

Beats Music: The Right Music

Ellen DeGeneres likes to dance. This is nothing new. Her cheesy mugging in Beats Music’s ad for their new streaming service feels tired. Her bear people co-stars? Nightmares. Please no replays of this.

— Billy Nilles

Carmax: Slow clap

Slow claps are dumb. This ad does not make us want to use Carmax.

— Andrea Reiher

‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ teaser

Mark Wahlberg, you’re better than this.

Axe: Peace

Imagined conversation inside the Axe advertising offices: “Guys, the misogyny angle isn’t working anymore. What do we do?” “Uh … world peace? Chicks dig that stuff.” “Yeah, let’s go with that.” Blech.

— Rick Porter

Chrysler: The ads they aren’t a-changin’

When Chrysler started its “Imported from Detroit” campaign a few years ago, they were bold and striking ads. Now, though? TYhey’re just getting a little bit old. Bob Dylan’s participation this year is cool and all (unless you’re a Dylan purist, I’m guessing), but it’s just more of the same. And that “Let Asia assemble your phone” line? Yikes.

Rick Porter

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