walking dead arrow showdown daryl oliver amc cw Would Oliver Queen survive 'The Walking Dead'? Would Daryl be an 'Arrow' villain?

If you’ve been on Facebook or Twitter recently, you may have noticed that Zap2it has a Social Media Showdown going on. Currently the two biggest rivals for the Facebook title are Stephen Amell of “Arrow” and Norman Reedus on “The Walking Dead.”

With such a war going on between these two bow-and-arrow-toting tough guys, we had to ask: How would each man’s character do on the other’s show?

Oliver Queen on ‘The Walking Dead’

Oliver Queen survived five years on a harsh island, dealing with bad weather, paramilitary organizations, enhanced rage-monsters and more. But how would he fare against zombies?

He would totally rock the post-apocalyptic world of “The Walking Dead,” of course!

Think about it: Oliver is a master of the silent weapon, preferring arrows to all other methods of killing and maiming his opponents. The vigilante is also rather good at running really, really fast (he chased down a motorcycle once), sneaking into just about anywhere and killing whenever necessary.

With all this, Oliver would be one of the most likely humans to survive in a world overrun with Walkers. When you think about it, he and Daryl might actually be good friends and hunting/survival partners in that world.

Daryl Dixon on Arrow’

Here’s the thing: Daryl would probably have to be a villain in the world of “Arrow.” It seems like the only place that a Southern hunter with a bad temper could fit in the cosmopolitan and uprightness-aspiring Starling City.

But he would be one of those really cool villains. This is the kind of guy you could see showing up repeatedly to harass Oliver and Team Arrow, preferably in ways that were just a little bit criminal, but never causing enough trouble to warrant killing or serious jail time. Daryl isn’t the murdering type, but he is perfectly willing to get his hands dirty.

If Daryl did show up on “Arrow,” he and Oliver still could team up, with Daryl being one of those slightly unsavory associates that Oliver sometimes has. And together they could fight the real bad guys!


It seems that both Daryl Dixon and Oliver Queen would thrive in each other’s very different worlds. The same qualities that make them such incredible social media rivals are exactly what also create TV friends.

Forget the Facebook war, let’s make this friendship happen … Especially if it results in more photoshopped images like this one posted by Amell on Tuesday (March 11).

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Posted by:Laurel Brown