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Vanessa Hudgens now says she sent her infamous nude photos to Nickelodeon star Drake Bell, not her boyfriend Zac Efron, by accident a few years ago. By accident?  And, according to People.com, this was long before she was all "High School Musical" famous.

How convenient. At least poor Zac won’t be tarred with scandal by Vanessa’s brush. And, for his part, Bell claims he never got the sexy shots.

But the bigger question is why Vanessa would send nudie shots to either of these guys. What was she thinking? Their fashion choices alone should have clued her in to how fruitless her effort would be. Did she miss Drake’s paisley silk ascot and Zac’s artfully rolled-up sleeves and tapered trousers? Not to mention the perfectly feathered hairdos. Frankly, VHud would have had better luck sending those sexy pixs to Ellen DeGeneres or, better yet, Michelle Rodriguez.

Hey, I’m just saying…

Photo Credits: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead