david-clowney-hiv-results-buffalo-bills-twitterIn case you wanted to hook up with a wide receiver, David Clowney of the Buffalo Bills is totally clean. We know this because he just tweeted the results of his HIV test. Some people share pictures of their cats on Twitter. Some of their lunches. This, however, may be a first.

His fans have been tweeting their support of his decision, stating that it takes the stigma away from getting tested and talking about it. They’re saying things like, “I don’t get people being critical of for tweeting his HIV results. Everyone should get tested regularly and support others to.” “It’s great to see a high profile African-American tweeting their HIV test results. Kudos to

So what do you think? Does something like this take the stigma out of discussing HIV? Was it a little too much information? Post your thoughts below.

Posted by:jbusch