wwe hall of fame undertaker WWE Hall of Fame 2014: The Undertaker appears for Paul Bearer tribute

The 2014 WWE Hall of Fame inductions included many memorable moments from superstars past, but there was one that stood out as extra special.
William Moody, who worked for WWE many years as Paul Bearer, was inducted into the Hall of Fame by Kane after passing away in 2013. Kane’s induction speech ran through Moody’s storied history in the professional wrestling business, including his iconic role as The Undertaker’s manager, before introducing his children to accept the induction on his behalf.
That was only the beginning, though. The Undertaker, who has never attended a Hall of Fame ceremony to protect the integrity of his character, appeared onstage with Bearer’s signature urn to pay a final tribute to his longtime companion. If ever The Undertaker was going to make an appearance at the Hall of Fame, it couldn’t have been done any better. 
With Bearer’s image on the video screen, Undertaker dropped to one knee and raised the urn to the sky as his theme song played. It was a moment that will end up in every single WWE Hall of Fame video package for years to come.
Other things of note included a fantastic speech by Lita and one that was brutally honest from Jake “The Snake” Roberts, along with appearances by former WWE wrestlers like Carlito Colon and Victoria. Then there was Scott Hall’s induction as Razor Ramon. After wrapping up a nice speech, Hall was joined by the rest of the Kliq for one more curtain call, creating a very cool moment.
Among the night’s lowlights were the inductions of Mr. T and Ultimate Warrior. T gave a long tribute to his mother, which was actually very nice. Unfortunately he was cut short before being able to finish it. Meanwhile, Warrior’s speech was rather awkward, but very self-congratulatory. His was no doubt the one everyone was looking forward to since he and WWE have had a rather rocky relationship for several years, but it just missed the mark. However, his making fun of WWE’s lawyer for losing their name fight against the World Wildlife Fund all those years ago was pretty funny.
In all it was a fun night with just a couple of hiccups. That’s par for the course with the WWE Hall of Fame, though. Next stop is “Wrestlemania 30.”
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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