vince mcmahon wwe lawsuit gi WWE lawsuit over Owen Hart's image settled with late wrestler's widow

After filing a suit against World Wrestling Entertainment in 2010 over the use of her late husband’s image, Martha Hart has settled with the wrestling juggernaut, the Associated Press reports. Neither side disclosed details of the settlement.
Owen Hart died in 1999, at 34 years old, after an in-ring stunt went wrong on live pay per view. Hart was being lowered from the rafters by cable when his harness malfunctioned, and he fell 78 feet to the ring. The incident wasn’t shown to TV audiences, as a pre-taped segment was airing at the time. While medical personnel worked on Hart in the ring, the camera showed only the crowd, as announcers explained what had taken place, reiterating that it was not “part of the show.” Hart was transported to the hospital, where attempts to revive him failed.
Martha sued the company, alleging that WWE was not paying the royalties owed to Hart’s estate. She also claimed the company used her late husband’s likeness and name in violation of a signed contract. The settlement was announced by Hart, WWE, and the company’s CEO Vince McMahon.
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