wwe raw feb 17 recap 'WWE RAW' Feb. 17 recap: John Cena and Cesaro steal the show, 'Elimination Chamber' looms

Previously on: Daniel Bryan had no match, but John Cena got a big win over WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton. The Shield and The Wyatt Family talked trash to each other, but didn’t get physical.
The big news: Cena and Cesaro had a fantastic wrestling match. That’s the biggest and best news out of “WWE RAW.” It made them both look like major players, the crowd was into it and though Cesaro lost, he looked very strong in defeat.
After no match last week, Bryan pulled double duty on “RAW.” First he earned a victory over Christian, who seemingly turned heel. Then Kane booked himself against Bryan and tore him apart, getting disqualified. The story was The Authority sent him to make sure Bryan wasn’t a factor in the “Elimination Chamber” match. Both Kane and Christian focused on injuring Bryan’s shoulder, so expect that to come into play.
The Shield and The Wyatt Family faces off once more, with Roman Reigns being presented as leader of The Shield. Again, the Wyatt’s backed down before things got physical. The crowd was on fire to see them fight, so their match Sunday should be something special.
The main event featured Orton vs. Sheamus and was immediately met with CM Punk chants. After Cena/Cesaro, this match was quite a bit of a letdown. Of all the times for Cena to not be in the main event, this one was a mistake.
Before Sheamus can get a win, The Shield attacks. That brings out  the rest of the “Elimination Chamber” participants, one by one, until even The Wyatt Family appears. The crowd goes wild when they go after The Shield. “RAW” ends abruptly with a brawl in the ring.
Odds and ends:
  • Santino Marella and Emma are the nerdiest nerds to ever fall in love.
  • Backstage Cody Rhodes and Goldust were playing with WWE LEGOs, which is just as credible as being tag team champions.
  • Bad News Barrett is now hassling people playing with toys.
  • The first CM Punk chants came during Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston.
  • Zeb Coulter should have a live microphone at ringside for every match.
  • Titus O’Neil needs to work on his screaming voice.
  • Batista’s only appearance was backstage.
  • A “Holy S***” chant got through on live TV. That doesn’t happen much anymore.
  • Daniel Bryan beat Christian
  • Daniel Bryan defeated Kane by DQ
  • Fandango beat Santino Marella
  • Roman Reigns beat Mark Henry
  • Jack Swagger beat Kofi Kingston
  • Big E. Langston beat 3MB
  • John Cena beat Cesaro
  • The Wyatt Family beat Sin Cara and Los Matadores
  • Jey Uso beat Billy Gunn
  • Sheamus beat Randy Orton by DQ
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