wwe raw march 10 recap 'WWE Raw' March 10 recap: Daniel Bryan in the 'Wrestlemania' main event?

Previously on: It’s “Wrestlemania” season, and all eyes are on the upcoming “granddaddy of them all” in New Orleans. Still, Daniel Bryan continued going after Triple H, while the crowd hated the planned main event of Batista vs. Triple H.
The big news: Bryan may be going to the main event, after all. He hijacked “WWE Raw,” along with nearly 100 supporters who flooded the ring and ringside area, demanding a match with Triple H.
Security couldn’t clear the ring, and The Authority attempting to start a match did nothing. In the end, Triple H was forced to give in, after a lot of ugly yelling from Stephanie McMahon, including yelling over and over that she “owns” Bryan. 
With his match assured, Bryan took things one step further. If he beats Triple H at “Wrestlemania,” he gets placed into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Orton and Batista.

Just like that, WWE might have saved its main event from being destroyed by an unhappy live crowd. It also added some intrigue to the main event match, Bryan and Big Show vs. Batista and Orton.
Things in the match were going Orton and Batista’s way until Bryan sidestepped a spear, which took Randy down. A couple running knees later and Bryan got the pin over the champion.

Meanwhile, Undertaker made his second appearance of the year to hype his upcoming match with Brock Lesnar, though his opponent was nowhere in sight. Instead, Paul Heyman asked Undertaker to back out of the match for his own good, and the Dead Man replied with a bit of poetry and a “Rest in peace.” It’s not like Undertaker needs to deviate from his big bag of old tricks.
Speaking of a bag of old tricks, Hulk Hogan was back. He hyped the WWE Network again and also announced a match for “Wrestlemania”: a 30-man over the top rope battle royale. Sound familiar? The “Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale” winner will get a trophy made to look like Andre, though who knows what that actually means.
John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt is also official for the show, after yet another verbal confrontation that made Cena look like the weaker of the two. While Wyatt spoke with conviction, Cena responded with bad karaoke. The Rock could get away with those things, but Cena needs to step up his game.
Odds and ends:
  • Cesaro has a mean handshake.
  • Alexander Rusev is enough to make you miss Bad News Barrett.
  • Where exactly is Bad News Barrett?
  • The Shield found a little peace with what’s becoming a rare win.
  • The Outlaws were on commentary, which might be a good place for them.
  • John Cena beat Erick Rowan
  • The Usos beat Ryback and Curtis Axel
  • Big E. beat Jack Swagger
  • Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns beat Cody Rhodes and Goldust
  • The Bella Twins beat A.J. Lee and Tamina Snuka
  • Sheamus beat Christian
  • Daniel Bryan and Big Show beat Randy Orton and Batista
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