wwe raw nov 18 'WWE RAW' Nov. 18: Rey Mysterio returns, 'Survivor Series' looms

Previously on: Last week’s show was in Europe and didn’t really advance many storylines. The WWE Championship match for “Survivor Series” didn’t get much attention, while the main event ended with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk standing tall.
The big news: The final “WWE RAW” before “Survivor Series” wasn’t all that different from the week before. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were back, but WWE spent too much time talking about how it was a country music-themed episode of the show, complete with a performance by Florida Georgia Line that the live audience just didn’t care about.
To make up for the feuding authority figures last week, Triple H and Stephanie put Vickie Guerrerro and Brad Maddox both in matches. Brad was destroyed and stretchered out, while Vickie kept faking that she was passing out and still lost her match.
Randy Orton and Big Show has almost no interaction, which makes no sense because they are the “Survivor Series” main event. Meanwhile, Randy spent the night complaining that Triple H and Stephanie didn’t have faith in him as the face of the company. He also demanded that The Shield have his back, since he doesn’t even think he can beat Big Show by himself.

The Authority tells him they have confidence and that’s why he’s on his own at “Survivor Series,” so good luck with that Randy.

The main event featured CM Punk and Daniel Bryan teaming with the Rhodes brothers and the Usos against The Shield and The Wyatt Family. It made for a good time because, well, it’s a bunch of talented people involved. In the end the good guys win before things get crazy.
The Real Americans run in to help the heels, but Rey Mysterio makes his return to lay out the Wyatts, helping CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Maybe their match against two of the Wyatts will become a six-man tag at “Survivor Series”?
It’s interesting that WWE continues to use Daniel Bryan in the main event, not Randy Orton, but wouldn’t give him a chance with the WWE title.
There show also featured some really bizarre moments. For instance, there was a big Divas musical chairs match. You’re reading that right. The Divas battled in musical chairs for a solid two minutes before it evolved into a cat fight with no winner.
It’s not the first time WWE has done a music chairs showdown, but the first time was about a billion times better, with the winner being Chris Jericho.
The Miz also apparently turned heel while tagging with Kofi Kingston. He left Kofi hanging  during the match with a crazy smile on his face. It’s about time, as The Miz has been dwindling down to almost nothing in 2013 and a heel run might help reenergize the former “Wrestlemania” main eventer.
John Cena was there as well, to further his feud with Alberto Del Rio. He wore a sling and pretended to be hurt. When Del Rio tried to attack he ditched it and got the better of his opponent. Nothing too fancy, but way more interaction than Orton and Big Show had.
  • Randy Orton beat Brad Maddox by referee stoppage
  • Big E. Langston beat Curtis Axel to become Intercontinental Champion
  • Big Show beat Ryback
  • The Real Americans beat Kofi Kingston and The Miz
  • A.J. Lee beat Vickie Guerrero
  • Dolph Ziggler beat Damien Sandow in a Broadway Brawl
  • R-Truth and Xavier Woods beat 3MB
  • CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, The Usos and the Rhodes brothers beat The Shield and The Wyatt Family
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