wwe raw oct 20 dean ambrose 1 'WWE Raw' is Dean Ambrose's bizarre comedy showcase

When you tune into “WWE Raw,” there’s many things you might expect to see. Wrestling, long talking segments, bad guys being evil, John Cena never losing ever. There’s no telling what you’ll see on a weekly basis.
However, with Dean Ambrose in the mix chances are you’ll find a unique brand of comedy. His “unstable” character essentially gives him free reign to be completely ridiculous as often as possible, and he’s taking every chance he gets.
How else do you explain his watching a movie and eating popcorn backstage as preparing for a match? As silly it that was, it was small potatoes compared to his piece de resistance.
Ambrose became WWE’s answer to Carrot Top. With a mannequin dressed like his arch nemesis Seth Rollins sitting in the ring, He brought a bag full of props to have fun with, which ended up being tools he used to torment the mannequin while making jokes about how badly he wants to hurt his “Hell in a Cell” opponent. The segment came to head when he then gave the mannequin a piledriver, which got cheers from the crowd.
How effective this is, who knows? It’s different though, and maybe that’s enough. Not even a surprise appearance by Mick Foley could help make sense of the segment, but isn’t that the point? Ambrose is playing someone commonly referred to as the “lunatic fringe.” He’s supposed to come across as a crazy person and it’s working. It’s refreshing and shakes thing at the top of the card up a bit.
Besides, without him being nuts, you’re just watching John Cena and Randy Orton hate each other for the 9,000th time.
  • Damien Mizdow, Goldust and Stardust beat The Usos and Sheamus
  • Alicia Fox beat A.J. Lee
  • Rusev beat Big E.
  • Brie Bella beat Summer Rae
  • Cesaro beat Dolph Ziggler
  • Randy Orton, Seth Rollins and Kane beat John Cena and Dean Ambrose
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