wwe raw oct 28 'WWE RAW' Oct. 28: Randy Orton's championship celebration, Daniel Bryan gets revenge

The “Hell in a Cell” fallout: “Hell in a Cell” went off the air Sunday with an ending that left many fans confused and disappointed. Randy Orton left the ring as WWE Champion, after Shawn Michaels superkicked Daniel Bryan. That’s not what referees are supposed to do.
Elsewhere, John Cena beat Alberto Del Rio to become World Heavyweight Champion in his first match back from injury and CM Punk finally got his revenge on Paul Heyman, caning him high above the cell and putting him to sleep.
The big news: The main focus of “WWE RAW” was Randy Orton’s championship celebration. After all, he’s the man the Authority (the silly name Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have given themselves) want as the face of the company.
The celebration was set up as almost an exact replay of the night after “SummerSlam,” with the locker room on the stage while The Shield guarded the ring. Once on the microphone, Orton went on about how he’s better than everyone, ever.  Suddenly Big Show’s music hits. He storms to the ring, but gets stopped by The Shield. The Usos and the Rhodes Brothers deal with The Shield, leaving Show going after Orton, Triple H and Stephanie, who all bail from the ring.
Show says his lawsuit against WWE is going to cost millions of dollars and he’ll bankrupt the company if he has to. Orton hits him with the title from behind. When he goes for a second shot, Show punches him out. Triple H teases getting in the ring, but thinks better of it. If this means the main event of “Survivor Series” is going to be Big Show vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship, they need to do some seriously good work to make it worth paying for.
Daniel Bryan got a small measure of revenge when Shawn Michaels tried to explain himself. Michaels tried repeatedly to get Bryan to accept his apology and shake his hand, but it didn’t work. This caused Shawn to almost turn heel, as he berated Bryan, saying, “Let me tell you something, you self-righteous little puke. For seven months I’ve been listening to people call you a B-plus player.” Shawn then talked about how great he was and demanded Bryan show him respect and shake his hand. Daniel did and applied the Yes lock for good measure. It was an interesting change of pace for Shawn, but ultimately pointless. As amazing as a match between the two would be, Michaels is retired from in-ring competition.
Bryan wasn’t done for the night, as he was then viciously attacked by the Wyatt Family backstage, with Bray Wyatt saying “the devil made me do it.” Later in the night, after CM Punk beat Ryback in a street fight, the Family struck again, taking Punk out. Again, Wyatt told him “the devil made me do it.” Who knows where this leaves The Miz, who was feuding with Wyatt. He had a quick loss to Kane, who unmasked (again) and pledged his allegiance to The Authority.
The other notable event on the show was John Cena’s return to “RAW.” After winning the World Heavyweight Championship at “Hell in a Cell,” Cena was fired up as he talked about being a fighting champion, who is ready to take on anyone. Enter Damien Sandow, who told Cena he was going to cash in his “Money in the Bank” title shot. He then viciously attacked Cena, targeting his injured arm and beating it with a chair.
What should have been an easy win for Sandow somehow turned into a loss. Cena was completely destroyed, yet somehow still pulled out the win, making Sandow only the second superstar to unsuccessfully cash in “Money in the Bank.” Oddly enough, the other person to fail is Cena.
  • John Cena beat Damien Sandow
  • Big E. Langston beat Deam Ambrose by disqualification
  • The Shield beat The Usos and Big E. Langston
  • Los Matadores beat 3MB
  • A. J. Lee and Tamina Snuke beat The Bella Twins
  • Kane beat The Miz
  • CM Punk beat Ryback
  • The Real Americans beat Cody Rhodes and Goldust
  • Natalya beat Summer Rae
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