wwe raw sept 29 recap 'WWE Raw' Sept. 29 recap: Seth Rollins needs The Authority to fight his battles

Previously on: A lot of time was spent building up Seth Rollins as someone who needs Randy Orton and Kane to fight his battles.
The big news: The Seth Rollins show continued on “WWE Raw,” as John Cena and Dean Ambrose both still want to wring his neck. Of course, he’s got the entire Authority stepping in between him and trouble for the most part.
Both Cena and Ambrose got to take their frustration out on Rollins before the night was done. Cena got to land a few punches early on in the show, while Ambrose rigged the 
“Money in the Bank” briefcase with a green slime explosion that blew up in Rollins’ face. Seeing as how everyone gets beaten up by Cena, it’s the green slime that’s truly humiliating.
The main event featured Ambrose and Cena against Kane and Orton, which never got a real ending when Rollins interrupted and the three members of The Authority took out their frustration on the good guys. Each got an RKO, a chokeslam and a curb stomp on the briefcase.
WWE is going out of their way to make Rollins look like a player, but they’re doing it in a way that makes him seem weak. He can’t do anything without having Orton and Kane there as enforcers. It also has to be demoralizing for Orton. He’s being relegated to the role of lackey.
At least Paul Heyman was around this week to remind people Brock Lesnar is still employed and the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. There wasn’t much of that last week, but it looks like Lesnar may sit out “Hell in a Cell.”
Odds and ends:
  • Dean Ambrose slimed Seth Rollins, Nickelodeon style.
  • There are far too many people dressed as animals. First there was El Torito and the Bunny. Now Hornswoggle is an alligator?
  • Tyson Kidd pretending to not care about anything is the best his character has ever been.
  • Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble are the new Patterson and Brisco.
  • Bray Wyatt has a video promo, but why isn’t he in the ring?
  • Dolph Ziggler beat The Miz and Cesaro
  • Layla beat Rosa Mendes
  • Bo Dallas beat Mark Henry
  • Brie Bella beat Eva Marie and Cameron
  • Heath Slater and Titus O’Neil beat Los Matadores
  • Alicia Fox beat AJ Lee
  • Sheamus beat Damien Sandow
  • John Cena and Deam Ambrose beat Randy Orton and Kane by DQ
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