Conservative media personality Glenn Beck looks to be in a sticky situation with an army of wrestlers on his back. After Beck ranted on air about a World Wrestling Entertainment character, “Zeb Colter” and his pal “Jack Swagger,” the WWE crew is fighting back.

Beck, who seems to be unaware Colter and Swagger are characters portrayed by actors  — Wayne Keown and Jake Hager, respectively — called Colter “”a villain who just happens to be a racist Tea Partier.” Now Keown and Hager posted a video to YouTube to call Beck out on the mat.

In the video, the guys reenact a promo, then drop the green screen projection and affected voices to explain to Beck how TV fiction works. “We aren’t in the political business, or the immigration business. We are in the entertainment business. Everything we do as our characters is to tell stories,” says Keown. He continues to politely explain, “Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger are using the current, relevant topic of immigration to target the WWE World Champion, Alberto Del Rio — also a character played by my friend Jose Rodriguez,” Keown says, “In our story, we are the antagonists and Alberto is the protagonist.”

Keown then takes issue with Beck’s claim the two are “stupid wrestling people.” He says, “By implication, you are referring to the 14 million ‘stupid’ wrestling fans who are watching our shows every week.” Keown goes on to point out that WWE fans represent a global audience encompassing 145 countries.

Next, he delivers a leg sweep to Beck by pointing out the demographics of said audience: 20% Hispanic, 22% African-American, and 35% female. He proceeds to explain to Beck how the business of television works, and details the massive popularity of the 20-years-running “Monday Night Raw” program. “We have about 60 characters on our show,” says Keown. “A lot more than, say, ‘NCIS’ or ‘Glee.’ But we’re not that much different. Some of our characters are really likable and some are detestable — good guys and bad guys.”

Then comes the takedown. “Many of your followers are WWE fans, and they understand the difference between reality and entertainment,” says Keown. “Are you out of touch with your audience, Glenn? Or are you just a ‘stupid’ political commentator?” Keown finally invites Beck to deliver a five-minute live rebuttal Monday night in front of a sold-out audience of 12,000 “‘stupid’ wrestling fans.” Does anyone think Glenn will get in the ring with these two?

Posted by:mchance