Yelé Haiti founder Wyclef Jean appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” which was dedicated to the plight of the quake-ravaged nation. And he’s had it up to here with all the TV coverage of the disaster.
“The Haitian people told me specifically when I was coming on your show to tell people, ‘Stop with the photo ops,'” he said. “Haiti don’t need no more photo ops.”
“We need logistics, we need people to go to the airport, who can get stuff out of the airport and to the people.”

]]>After Friday’s cross-network Hope for Haiti telethon, he will return to Haiti to try to remedy the ineffective methods of food distribution.

He also told Oprah that he wanted the U.S. military to set up tent camps for the displaced people outside Port-au-Prince, then turn them into housing later.
Jean was joined during the show by Rihanna and Maxwell, who was raised by his Haitian grandmother. 100% of the proceeds from the songs they performed will go to benefit Haiti.
Rihanna’s “Redemption Song” and Maxwell’s “Fistful of Tears” are available for download on, iTunes and the artists’ websites.