astro xfactor facebook 'X Factor': Astro reflects on his actions, looks to move forwardIt’s been a tumultuous week for The X Factor finalist and teen rapper Brian “Astro” Bradley. But now that the dust has settled, the 15-year-old is looking to move past his comments in which he expressed disinterest in the singing competition.

He notes that the show’s theme this week is about giving thanks. “With [my] song I’m giving thanks to all my supporters, Team Astro and all the Astronauts all across the world,” he says.

Certainly it’s been a challenge for the teen from Brooklyn. Former contestant Stacey Francis called him “obnoxious” while Simon Cowell questioned his attitude after a lack luster performance and some biting comments. But following last week’s events, Astro took to social media to not only apologize but also to get some comfort from his fans.

“People were sending a lot of inspirational messages,” he says. “People kind of understand me now. So I feel better about the situation.”

One of Astro’s fans include the artist whose song he performed, Sean “Diddy” Combs. The megastar wrote on Twitter, “Astro just killed Missing You on X Factor! Go Boy!!!”

Astro says how much comments like that help him through the grind of the singing competition.

“It means a lot when someone does something like that, especially somebody like Diddy,” he says. “It gets me more excited and amped up to perform again.”

He better bring his A-game because the show will vote off two finalists on Wednesday (Nov. 23).

Posted by:David Eckstein