rachel crow x factor 'X Factor': Astro's attitude, Drew's nerves and David HasselhoffEven with everyone focused on who would get nixed, there was also a lot of behind-the-scenes intrigue happening “The X Factor.” 

Here the best of what occurred when the cameras stopped rolling:

The Hoff in the house: If any of the finalists are looking for advice on
how to be big in Germany, their potential mentor was right there. David Hasselhoff was in the crowd for the festivities.

How do you mean “ridiculous”?: Bill, the guy who warms up the crowd, said to Paula Abdul, “You look ridiculous.” He then complimented her, but it was unclear if he was being serious. Seeing as she looked like a refugee from “I Dream of Genie,” it’s entirely possible that he was.

Let’s dance. That means you Josh: Josh Krajcik may be the best rock singer in the competition, but he looked incredibly uncomfortable during the opening group number.

Wait. Where’s Rihanna?: While the home viewer may think that RiRi was playing on Thursday (Nov. 17), turns out her performance was taped on Wednesday (Nov. 16). When the audience heard they missed out, they let out a hearty boo.

Watch your mouth Simon: After Lakoda Rayne got voted through, Simon Cowell seemed surprised. This extended into the commercial when Cowell took the microphone and said, “How the hell did that happen?” After that, Paula responded with a dismissive waive.

Nerves, nerves, nerves: Drew looked frustrated and exceedingly nervous when it came down to the bottom four and she was still on stage.

You better shape up: Astro’s attitude nearly got him sacked this week. But even though he made it through, it certainly won’t ingratiate himself to voters in future weeks.

Yikes!: Simon described the waiting for Rachel Crow, the last of his group to make it through, as “torture.”

It’ll be ok: As they cut to commercial before the final vote, Steve Jones comforted an obviously emotional Stacy Francis.

Posted by:David Eckstein