astro xfactor facebook 'X Factor': Astro's big plans for the futureEven in defeat, The X Factor contestant Brian “Astro” Bradley is not lacking for confidence. While the teen rapper got voted off on Thursday (Dec. 1), he doesn’t see this as anything to derail his future in hip hop.

The self-described “kid from Brooklyn who’s living his dream” lost his shot to win the singing competition when he received the fewest votes of the remaining seven contestants. But he’s ready for the next step, getting to work.

“I’m just excited because I’m able to put out new material now,” he says.

He explains that he was emotional after getting voted off, but only briefly. Then he started thinking about how far he’s come and what the future holds.

“I was tearing up and then I said, ‘Why am I crying again?’ This is a stepping stone. This is just the beginning for my career,” he says.  

He notes there have been a few challenges on “The X Factor” including his moment in the final two on Nov. 16 when he expressed disinterest in continuing. He even said he considered quitting the competition because he feared he wouldn’t be able to write his own lyrics.
“I thought it was going to be that we had to recite everyone else’s lyrics. And I was thinking about leaving early because of that,” he says. “But the fact that the show let me write my own lyrics and let me be me on the show, I can respect that and I’m proud of it.”

But now it’s onward and upward for Astro. And he has an aggressive game plan for his future.

“I’m gonna be everywhere…I’m gonna be doing all other genres, TV, movies, cartoons, clothing lines. Everything that I can touch I’m gonna do,” he says.

Posted by:David Eckstein