britney spears 2012 getty 'X Factor': Britney Spears 'absolutely' in talks to join show

While “The X Factor” lost a potential judge on Friday (March 2) when Janet Jackson pulled out of the running, they may be close to adding a new one. Britney Spears appears to be in talks to join the show.

Louis Walsh, who serves as a judge on the UK “X Factor” says on the British TV show “Craig Doyle Live” that he was “out with Simon Cowell…and I know he is talking to Britney. He’s definitely talking to Britney to do his American show. Absolutely true.”

If Spears does join the singing competition, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise. Cowell has previously said that he’s a fan of the pop icon.

During a recent interview on “The Billy Bush Show,” Cowell says, “I’m fascinated by [Britney.] The fact that she’s one of the most talked about – not just pop stars – but people in the world today, means that you’ve got this star power…I would think that if she’s managed to sustain a family, a career, which is tough, [‘The X Factor’ would be] a walk in the park.”

So Zappers, how do you think Brit would do on “The X Factor?”

Posted by:David Eckstein