britney spears smash gi 'X Factor': Britney Spears talks resume, but she wants an easy outThe ongoing saga of Britney Spears possibly joining “The X Factor” seems to have taken a favorable turn. The pop star appears to be inching closer to signing a deal, but she and EP Simon Cowell look to be at loggerheads over one key thing, how long she’ll stay with the show.

A source tells that “Simon Cowell wants at least a two-year commitment and Britney wants an out clause if she doesn’t want to continue after one year.”

The publication is reporting that FOX and show producers have upped the salary range from the $10 million Spears reportedly balked at to somewhere in the $12-15 million range.

“Money is not an issue for the show,” the source says. “As of now, they are looking to pay her $12-15 million for the first season, with a drastic price hike for a second year based on ratings performance.”

The network, producers and Spears remain mum on the matter. That said, in a March 9 interview with Atlanta’s FOX affiliate, the normally verbose Cowell was remarkably tongue tied when it came to rumors of Britney negotiations.

“I can’t confirm or deny,” Cowell says while looking a bit uncomfortable. “But if she was available, I’d take her in a heartbeat. We’ve tried for years to get Britney to do one of these shows.”

Posted by:David Eckstein