x factor premiere fox 'X Factor,' 'CSI' and more: Zap2it readers weigh in on Wednesday premieres“The X Factor,” “CSI,” “Law & Order: SVU” and more all premiered Wednesday night (Sept. 21), plus shows like “Survivor” and “America’s Next Top Model” really got rolling. What did Zap2it readers have to say?

“Law & Order: SVU”

“I really need Stabler back on the show, I hope that they work something out quick! I rather watch the marathons and reruns on USA than the new season without Stabler! Olivia, Stabler, Ice-T, Munch, Alex, and the captain is who I am use to watching all these newbies need to go home!” – Roschia Underwood

“The dynamics just was not there. I have been a faithfull follower since day 1 and while I will watch the show because the rest of the original cast are what keeps me tuned in, Stabler is going to be missed and I believe the void will be evident. Good luck.” – Gail Giese

“The killer for me is not the fact that Elliot is gone – it’s more that we don’t get to see any closure/pay off between him and the other characters. For me, the relationships/chemistry these characters have with each other has been what kept me watching. Not getting any pay off at the end of it is a MAJOR disappointment.” – Cathie McMath


“I love the new character! That show DOES need some comic relief, it was much too dark last season and I hated it. Thank you!” – Colleen Toyama

“I think Ted Danson is well suited to this role…a bit quirky and sly.” – Susan Bellwood

“I agree Ted Danson’s character does bring a new energy to CSI. Which is good.” – Natalie Petersen

“America’s Next Top Model”

“This season is lame.” – Stephen M. Anthony

“I wonder if Tyra even likes Camille…hmmm…” – Umar Azhar

“The X Factor”

“This is indescribable, [Chris Rene] was amazing, most people are gona be like wow the vocals weren’t all that great, ya well who cares!, He is doing an amazing thing for himself quitting drugs to make a better life for his kid. And the way his song went he remind me of Eminem.” – Tyler Lowe

“Everyone PLEASE watch ‘Modern Family’ instead.” – Brad Nielsen

“Garbage, garbage, garbage! One night is enough for me. It was all too staged and stupid! The worse was that whole “flasher dude” and Paula’s walk off, anyone could tell it was staged and not real! Come on guys, you can do better than this. I can’t believe anyone will watch after last night!” – Jay G. Warner

“I watched the first hour and really enjoyed it. I did not enjoy Nicole as a judge one bit. I really am having a hard time understanding why Cheryl got replaced with her. Not sure if I’ll be tuning in tomorrow…probably not.” – Erin Hart

“Survivor: South Pacific”

“Brandon Hantz looks like a grown up Brick Heck from ‘The Middle.'” – Jeffrey Kirkpatrick

What do you think? Which shows were your favorites?

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