diamond white the x factor top 13 fox 'The X Factor': Diamond White talks surprise return post eliminationJust last week it looked like the end of the road for 13-year-old Diamond White on “The X Factor.”

She was eliminated from the competition when Britney Spears pitted White against Arin Ray in a singoff and ultimately opted to keep Ray.

At the time, Simon Cowell said that he thought losing White was a mistake. And tonight he proved he meant it by announcing that the judges made a unanimous decision to invite White back and expand the Top 12 to a Top 13.

After the performance show, White told us she only discovered the good news two days ago. She was filming what she thought was a “wrap interview” with “X Factor” crew and received a cell phone call from Spears. White said she never expected it: “Everyone on the crew did a really good job hiding it, they were all so serious!”

There wasn’t much time to pick a song, so they went with Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” — which White had performed during the boot camp and happened to fit the week’s theme of songs from the silver screen. “It’s a song people seem to know me for,” White says. “I think I did it even better tonight!”

White says Spears was very encouraging in the mentoring session: “Britney was really nice like always, and she said she thought it was a great song choice for me.”

Even though he came out on top in last week’s singoff, Ray was excited to see White return. “I was happy because I want her to do well,” he told reporters after the show. “I want everyone in the competition to do well, because they all deserve it.”

Last season, Cowell reversed his decision to eliminate Melanie Amaro before the performance shows began, and she went on to win the competition.

White says she plans on following suit: “Now that I know what it feels like to be eliminated, I don’t want it to happen again! I’m gonna work even harder to make sure it doesn’t.”

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