britney spears rhi getty 'X Factor': Does Simon Cowell regret Britney Spears hire?Depending on who you believe, Britney Spears is either working out great or horribly as a new judge on “The X Factor.”

Us Weekly is reporting that EP Simon Cowell is already wondering whether employing Spears and paying her a rumored $15 million to judge the singing competition was the right idea. He’s apparently concerned about her behavior during the audition process.

“He wonders if hiring her was a mistake,” a source tells the publication.

The particular item in question was when the pop star walked off after a contestant ruined the Spears’ song “Hold it Against Me.” Because of her walkout, Spears missed the next four auditions. She later explained on Twitter that she was “just taking a little break.”

The publication adds that Cowell also is wondering about Spears’ judging and that she’s a bit too nice. This follows an incident in which she claimed a performer could be “bigger than the next Justin Bieber.”

Following this pronouncement, the publication says, “Simon was shocked.”

But an “X Factor” source disagrees with all of this.

“Simon doesn’t regret hiring Britney, and as a judge, she had strong opinions,” the insider says.

Posted by:David Eckstein