drew ryniewicz billie jean  'X Factor': Drew Ryniewicz's performance style proves her undoingDuring the late stages of any singing competition like “The X Factor,”  invariably talented people are going to get sent home. In the case of Drew Ryniewicz, it was a dispute over performance style that may have sealed her fate.

The 14-year-old, who has long been cited by L.A. Reid for lack of diversity in her stage shows, ultimately fell prey to the format that brought her to this point in the competition. The Arizonan was vote off Thursday (Dec. 1).

Before the results were read, Drew’s coach Simon Cowell pleaded to the other judges to give her one more week after realizing her rendition of “Billie Jean” wasn’t going to cut it.

“I take full responsibility,” he says. After it became apparent that she would make it no further, Cowell angrily threw something at the stage and stormed out of his chair.

Drew admitted on Wednesday (Nov. 30) that she and Cowell had sparred over her type of performance. Cowell had her sitting motionless in a chair. Drew was hoping for something more active.

“This week it was almost out of my control,” Ryniewicz says. “Simon really had a feeling about it, so I decided to trust him…I wanted to stand up and I wanted to have a little bit more going on for ‘Michael Jackson Week.'”

Afterwards, Cowell continued to take blame for Ryniewicz getting the hook.

“I didn’t do a god enough job, and that’s the problem,” he says. “We got it wrong on the night. If [I] could rewind the tape…I certainly wouldn’t have used the chair. That chair is going to be chopped and I’m doing the chopping,” he says.

Drew will likely be glad to help.

Posted by:David Eckstein