alex and sierra x factor proposal finale 'X Factor' finale: Alex and Sierra on their almost proposalFor a split second during the first night of the “X Factor” Season 3 finale, it seemed like Alex Kinsey was about to propose to his fellow group member and girlfriend of several years, Sierra Deaton. It would’ve been a very “Catching Fire”-esque move, but Alex and Sierra never even considered taking their relationship to the next level — especially not on national TV.

“We’re on the same page with that so I knew he wasn’t,” Sierra tells Zap2it backstage after their finale performance, “but I was just freaking out because I was like ‘What are you going to say to me right now?'”

Alex just wanted to express his gratitude to his better half. “This journey was because of her. I wouldn’t have auditioned without her and I don’t think we would’ve been in this position if we weren’t here together,” he tells Zap2it. “Mario [Lopez] gave me the opportunity to say something to somebody and I wanted to make sure she knew how much I appreciated it. Also getting to talk to the hometown and all the supporters that we’ve had, that was important as well. We’re so grateful for that.”

Fans have suggested the couple get engaged for the finale — they’ve gotten a couple of tweets about it, but it was never going to happen. “That was never part of our game plan,” Alex says. “That would also look like we’re trying to get votes. No.”

Besides, their parents would’ve been pretty shocked. “I wanna know what my mom thought I was going to say, because she was in the audience,” Alex says. Adds Sierra, “And I bet my dad was like ‘Nope! He is not doing that without my permission.'”

Sierra wants it to be a private moment anyway. “If it ever does happen I don’t ever want anyone to be able to say anything about the intentions behind it,” she says. “I want it to be pure and a moment between us.”

Their chemistry was apparent during their performances, though, especially in the reprise of their game-changing “Say Something” and their lovely duet on the Ed Sheeran song “Give Me Love.” “That was a song we wanted to do in the finale all along because it’s one of our favorite songs,” says Alex. “It’s an incredible song. We hope that we did it well. … Ed Sheeran is one of our favorites.”

Sheeran is also one of their friends now. “Well, we hope,” Sierra says.” We’ve hung out with him twice.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley