josh k xfactor fox 'X Factor': Josh Krajcik makes the best of bad situationJosh Krajcik is the resident rocker on “The X Factor.”
So it should come as no real surprise about his thoughts on “Dance Music” week in the singing competition. But like any good artist, he adapted to the situation.

“I wasn’t thrilled about dance theme week,” he says after performing his take on the Rihanna song “We Found Love.” “So I tried to make this Rihanna song mine…I wanted to try to make it more of what I would do if I were to do a dance track.”

His performance drew harsh criticism from judges Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid both of whom trashed it. Cowell called his performance “completely inappropriate” while Reid says he “didn’t buy it.” Meanwhile Paula Abdul and his coach Nicole Scherzinger lauded his interpretation of RiRi’s song.

Krajcik was unfazed, and, in some ways, amused by the discord at the judges table.

“For me, it doesn’t effect me much,” he says. “I kinda sit back and enjoy it because it’s compelling as a viewer. And I’m kind of a viewer at that point.”

As for Cowell’s comments about the having a group of back-up dancers for his performance, Krajcik dismissed them.

“If I didn’t have dancers, they probably would have nailed me on it,” he says. “They would have been like, ‘It’s dance week, you don’t have one dancer?’ It’s a lose-lose for me.”

While there are only a couple weeks left in the competition, Krajcik has a wish list for future episodes, assuming he makes it through.

“Why they don’t give me soul week or something like that where I don’t have to even worry about it?” he ponders.

Posted by:David Eckstein