justin-bieber-nude-photo-penis-naked.jpgFor the second judges’ homes episode of “The X Factor,” the over-25-year-olds were sent to L.A. Reid’s house to be whittled from six down to the four who get to start performing during the live shows.

The guest mentors who were on hand to help were pop superstar Justin Bieber and his manager/friend Scooter Braun. Here are some of their highlights:

“He didn’t hold back at all, I think that he gave it everything and that showed. But it’s not only about that.” — Bieber, about Jason Brock.

“I think the voice was there, he’s got a look to him. I think he can go far.” — Bieber, on David Correy.

“I saw pure passion. I think that’s the hardest thing to find, someone that’s just pure passion.” — Scooter Braun, on David Correy.

“There’s something about him that you want to root for him.” — Scooter Braun, on Tate Stevens.

“She has a big voice, but she needs to have more sweet moments with her voice.” — Bieber, on Tara Simon.

How do you think they did? What we would be interested in seeing is who they wanted to cut, because it sounded like the two of them plus L.A. Reid all had different opinions.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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