lakoda rayne 1 fox 'X Factor': Lakoda Rayne believes 'We have an advantage now'The last two weeks of The X Factor have offered a whipsaw of emotions for the country pop quartet Lakoda Rayne.

It was just Nov. 10 that the group found themselves in the bottom two singing simply to stay in the competition. Only seven days later, Paige Elizabeth, Cari Fletcher, Dani Knights and Hayley Orrantia were considered “safe” almost immediately.

“It’s was huge difference to go from being in the bottom two to being one of the first people called, even if it’s in no particular order,” says Orrantia.

But coming off the previous week, the women of Lakoda Rayne certainly were on edge. The prospect of being up for elimination had them practicing a tune repeatedly just in case they had to perform again.

“We were not very secure when we were out on that stage because of the week prior,” Knight says. “I think all of us thought there is a huge chance that we could be in bottom two again…I remember us rehearsing our ‘save me’ song over and over and over that day just to make sure.”

But having dealt with this pressure already, the four now feel they have the upper hand over the as they go into a round beginning Tuesday (Nov. 22). They now know what it’s like to sing when your future with “The X Factor” is held in the balance.

Elizabeth says, “It’s almost like we have an advantage now because we don’t think that if we get put in the bottom two again we’ll be as unsettled as we were.”

“The X Factor” airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET.

Posted by:David Eckstein