lakoda rayne 1 fox 'X Factor': Lakoda Rayne 'disappointed in the way the show presented us'After getting voted off The X Factor on Wednesday (Nov. 23), the girls of Lakoda Rayne had a chance to reflect on why they didn’t make it further in the singing competition. The country-pop quartet believes the way show producers promoted them in the weekly video pieces had a major influence in them getting nixed.

“I am a little bit disappointed in the way the show presented us, ” says Cari Fletcher. “I think in our video packages people could have gotten to know us a lot better than they did…I wish they got to know our personalities.”

Her fellow Rayne-er Dani Knights agrees, pointing out that the solo artists were able to talk more about their personal stories.   

“People only got to know us a couple [weeks] ago…it was the only time they started presenting us…as Dani, Paige, Cari and Hayley instead of just Lakoda Rayne this manufactured group,” Knights says.

As for comments from Simon Cowell to the Hollywood Reporter that the quartet was voted off for being “too pretty,” the four dismiss that premise.

“No…I don’t think that played a factor,” says Knights.

Despite not winning, the quartet is leaving with their heads up. They noted they felt their performance of Taylor Swift’s “You belong with me” was all they could hope for.

“If we had to leave at any point in the competition it would be after that song,” says Orrantia. “There’s bigger things coming.”

Posted by:David Eckstein