jason brock x factor cruise ship 'X Factor' live show premiere: Who should go home?“The X Factor’s” first live show had its ups and downs Wednesday night (Oct. 31). There were some definite stand-outs … and some who really kinda blew it. Whether it was them or their mentors, who can say? But yikes.

The Highlights

Paige Thomas was a heckuva performer. It was interesting that Demi took her so ’90s, with the song “What Is Love” — so heavily associated with the Roxbury “SNL” sketch — and that crazy metal crown of thorns. But her vocal and stage presence were both great.

Sister C sounded great, but Demi nailed it when she said they were too stiff and she expected more out of them as performers. They’ve got room for improvement.

Jennel Garcia surprised us on “Home Sweet Home.” It was much better than we were expecting out of her.

Lyric145, despite doing a weird mash-up of a not-at-all relevant Will Smith song and “Gangnam Style,” was really entertaining and gave it 110%.

Beatrice Miller
and Carly Rose Sonenclar both continued to show talent and poise far beyond their years.

1432 was definitely a strong group. If they can incorporate more harmony (and maybe a less cheesy song), they should be pretty great.

Emblem3 wasn’t really our cup of tea, but they definitely blew the rest of the boys out of the water (though the guys in Lyric145 were good and Tate Stevens wasn’t terrible).

The Lowlights

The men in general were pretty weak. Arin Ray got handed an awesome arrangement of “Keep Me Hanging On” and his vocal was really lacking. Vino sounded like he had a mouth full of gravel and couldn’t heard his backing music.

Jason Brock was a hot cruise ship mess that was probably the worst of the night. And Willie Jones, who can sing country, got handed “I’m Here for the Party,” which was a huge mistake on Demi’s part, if she picked it out for him. Terrible, terrible song choice.

Cece Frey
also really blew it. What was going on there? And what is Demi’s obsession with her acts being so ’90s?

The Worst Part

The judges. The two men spent the entire night sniping at each other like babies — it seriously seems like they are more concerned with cutting each other down than they are actually giving the acts constructive criticism, which we suppose we should expect based on last year.

The girls were afraid to be critical, Britney especially. Demi did better and we can see her growing into a really good judge. Britney was … a lot of Paula-happy-word-salad.

We think the acts that should go home are Cece Frey, Vino, Jason Brock and Willie Jones. Do you agree with our assessment? Vote below!

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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