marcus canty fox 'X Factor': Simon Cowell dismisses Marcus Canty's chances, Canty disagreesAfter Thursday’s (Dec. 8) ousting of Rachel Crow on “The X Factor,” the singing competition was reduced to just four contestants…unless you ask Simon Cowell. Then you’ll get a completely different number.

“I think it’s quite clear that it’s down to three people now. And it’s Melanie, Josh and Chris,” Cowell says. When asked if this means he’s dismissing any chance of Marcus Canty winning the top prize, Cowell says without any hesitation, “Yeah.”

It’s been a tough road over the last few weeks for the 20-year-old from Bowie, MD. He’s been in the “Bottom Two” for three straight weeks. But, despite the odds, he’s managed to make it past a progressively difficult foes of LeRoy Bell, Drew Ryniewicz and, last week, Crow.

Canty, just days removed from hearing boos after he was saved for another week, hasn’t given up hope that he’ll take home the top prize. In fact he remains as determined as ever to win the $5 million.

“For me to think for one second in my mind that I don’t deserve to be here will be killing myself,” he says. “This is my dream too. No matter what people think, I’m up here. This is my dream. And that’s why I keep fighting to make it to the top.”

Canty, who admits he’s the “underdog” now, says he won’t let an negative comments impact him, even those from Cowell.

“I’ve got to live in this world with or without Simon,” Canty says. “Anything he says doesn’t make me feel terrible inside. I’m being me. I’m having fun.”

Posted by:David Eckstein