steve jones xfactor finale getty 'X Factor': Simon Cowell hints Steve Jones may be outSimon Cowell promised some re-tooling of “The X Factor” before the singing competition heads into Season 2. And it’s looking more and more like the first major change may come at the expense of the show’s host, Steve Jones.

In an interview with The Daily Mirror, Cowell didn’t offer a ringing endorsement for the possibility of Jones’ return.

“He got a lot of stick (a British term for criticism). I don’t think he did a bad job but, like ‘America’s Got Talent,’ there is a Brit limit on the show,” Cowell says. Jones is from Wales. Cowell is from England.

This underwhelming support for Jones has been a recurring theme in recent weeks. At the Television Critics Association press tour, FOX Entertainment head Kevin Reilly says, “Whether Steve’s the guy or not, it comes under the heading of growth in general, so there will be some tweaks to the show.” Reilly adds, “Hosting, as we know, it is a much harder job than meets the eye. I think everybody now has come to realize the value of [‘American Idol’ host] Ryan Seacrest.”

As for Jones, following the conclusion of Season 1 of “The X Factor,” he admitted that he was a little overwhelmed by the size of the production and the volume of negative feedback toward his job as host.

He says at the time, “I’ve never done what I do on this scale. And maybe I didn’t realize the level of criticism that people go through when they’re working at this level. It shocked me a little bit…Maybe I was naive coming into it.”

Posted by:David Eckstein