simon cowell x factor 520 'X Factor': Simon Cowell on Twitter, Stereo Hoggz return and Rebecca BlackEven though the number of contestants are dwindling, this doesn’t stop the behind-the-scenes excitement from happening at “The X Factor.” 

Here the best of what occurred when the cameras stopped rolling:

The Hogzz in the House: The Stereo Hogzz drew a huge cheer from the
crowd as they walked in to enjoy the evening. Nice to see they’re in
good spirits after getting voted off last week.

#OccupyMyShirt: Chris Rene sported the controversial “Occupy All Streets” t-shirt line from Jay-Z’s Rocawear line. The proceeds still don’t benefit the protesters.

Nancy’s so Graceful
: Word was that Nancy Grace enjoyed the “TXF” just days getting the
heave-ho from “Dancing with the Stars.” And she didn’t even have to

It’s not ‘Friday’: Rebecca Black (Yes, that Rebecca Black) guested on “TXF’s” pre-show. How long until the YouTube video of that gets 350 million page views?

Look over here: During Simon Cowell’s harsh critique of Stacy Francis, the singer couldn’t even maintain eye contact with Cowell. She spent most of the time looking off stage and seemingly holding back tears.

No Reggae, No Rock: After Chris Rene’s performance of “No Woman, No Cry,” Simon and L.A. Reid debated whether the song qualifies as “rock music,” the evening’s theme. Cowell, who chastised Reid for his choice, later looked to the audience and mouthed “I’m right.” He usually is.

Welcome to Twitter Simon Cowell: Just weeks after saying Twitter wasn’t his thing, Cowell joined the 140-character fun. His account went live at around 7:30 p.m. ET.  By 11 p.m. ET, he had close to 60,000 followers. Apparently he’s popular.

Dry Icecapades: For all the things the effects people do right, they still haven’t quite figured out the dry ice. This week’s problem involved not getting it cleared off before they went to the judges. So when the camera cut to Nicole Scherzinger, it looked like she was either on fire or perhaps descending into Hell.

Posted by:David Eckstein