simon cowell x factor 520 'X Factor': Simon Cowell outlines criteria for judges searchIt was pretty clear that certain things weren’t working on “The X Factor.” As a result, the under-performing singing competition cleaned house by dumping Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger from the judges panel. While certain names have been bandied about as possible replacements – including Britney Spears and Katy PerrySimon Cowell has some specific ideas as to what he’s looking for.

“Number one is commitment, because it’s not like the other shows,” Cowell tells AOL. “We do have to work three or four days a week with these contestants. So while we’re not on TV, we’re spending time with them and we have to make time.”

Cowell continues, “Number two is we need people who are prepared to show a different side of their personality. If I’m watching one of these shows and it’s someone well known, I want to get to know the real person. So we need somebody who’s brave enough to do that.”

“Number three, we need someone who’s competitive, because this is a competitive show, and if you don’t want to win…then it gets boring,” Cowell says. “Star power is important now, but I think personality in the long run matters more.”

Did this mean that Abdul and Scherzinger didn’t bring these qualities? Cowell says, “No.”

“That wasn’t the case. They did a great job, but the Paula thing was simply that there were too many comparisons to ‘[American] Idol,'” he says.

So Zappers, do you think “The X Factor” will ever beat out “The Voice” or “American Idol?”

Posted by:David Eckstein