melanie amaro x factor man mirror 'X Factor': The best of what you didn't seeIt was another fun week of behind-the-scenes intrigue at “The X Factor” including celebrity guests, familiar tunes and Simon acting like Simon. 

Here the best of what happened when the cameras stopped rolling:

The Iceman Cometh – The person you’d probably least expect at an “X Factor” taping was in the house. MMA legend “The Iceman” Chuck Liddell in all his mohawked toughness enjoyed the show. He was joined his girlfriend Heidi Northcott as well as FOX NFL analyst Jay Glazer and an unidentified female guest.

A Gleeful Time
– If the finalists were looking for someone to give advice on how to put on a musical number, he was in the audience. Kevin McHale, who plays Artie on “Glee” was in the crowd with his +1. Somehow he had better seats than Liddell. Not sure how that happens.

Simon’s Wanderlust
– During nearly every commercial break, Mr. Cowell would immediately get up from his seat and wander off for about three minutes before returning. We’re not the only ones curious as to where he goes. At one point, the crowd started an impromptu chant of “Where is Simon.”

Effectively Changed
– The special effects crew learned to ease up on the dry ice. During Marcus Canty’s performance, the plumes only drifted two rows deep. A sizable improvement over last week when it went six rows into the crowd causing discomfort among some spectators.

Straight Up Fun – Producers routinely pipe in music during the break to keep the audience amped. During one break in particular, they piped in Paula Abdul’s hit “Straight Up.” This drew a smirk and a shimmy from Abdul before jetting off stage for the balance of the break. It would have been nice to see her enjoy it a little more.

Prest-o Change-o – Wondering how they are able to so quickly switch from one stage set up to the next? Well, we counted no fewer than 30 stagehands swapping out everything from stages to equipment to instruments. On top of all that, sometimes they even bring out an industrial vacuum to clean up things like leftover confetti. And they have about 3 minutes to do it.

Drew’s Shoes – While the 14-year-old’s dress drew criticism from L.A. Reid, the thing that was missing was the biggest surprise. The girl went shoeless during her performance of “Fix You” by Coldplay. When asked why she went sans footwear, she says, “It’s comfortable for me.” Hard to argue that point.

The Audience Vote – While the Twitter and phone votes may indicate a different result, if it was only up to the studio audience, the clear winners would be Melanie Amaro and Lakoda Rayne. After Amaro’s performance of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror,” the crowd began chanting “Mel-a-nie.” As for Lakoda Rayne, the audience goes bonkers for the Country Pop singers no matter what they do.

Entourage – During Chris Rene’s performance of “Gangsta’s Paradise” there were a total of 27 people on stage. Twenty dancers, six back-up singers and Rene. Talk about a production.

See you next week…

Posted by:David Eckstein