x factor top 11 results 'X Factor' Top 11 results: the Stereo Hogzz or Lakoda Rayne, who went home?It’s time to find out which act will leave “The X Factor” after the Top 11 results show. Nine of the acts are safe and the two left to sing for their supper, so to speak, are Lakoda Rayne and the Stereo Hogzz. So Paula is not doing terribly well so far as a mentor, but I really don’t think it’s her fault.

At this point, I hope Lakoda Rayne goes home. I think the Stereo Hogzz are so much better as an act, I don’t understand how they were in the Bottom 2 two weeks in a row.

For the sing-for-your-life portion, Lakoda Rayne sings “No Air” and it’s …. hmmm. There are nice moments. But it’s not their best performance. Frankly, these girls just aren’t a “group.” Their four soloists smushed together and clearly the American voters don’t like group acts.

Stereo Hogzz do “You Are Not Alone,” which is nice. They really should stay, but I’ll guess we’ll see what the judges say.

L.A. votes first and he votes to send home the Stereo Hogzz. Nicole then votes to send home the Stereo Hogzz. Paula abstains and cries and cries. They then act like Simon has the deciding vote, which he doesn’t. Steve Jones then does the math and says that’s not the case because everybody’s stupid. Paula then saves the Stereo Hogzz because someone explains to her what is happening.

This is just embarrassing. And the one dead-eyed member of Lakoda Rayne (you know which one I’m talking about) just looks annoyed and bored.

Simon then sends home the Stereo Hogzz and Lakoda Rayne stays. Barf. The wonderful Hogzz have nothing but good things to say

What did you think of the results, “X Factor” fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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