x factor top 7 results 'X Factor' Top 7 results: Astro, Drew, or Marcus Canty, who went home?“The X Factor” sends two more home to whittle the Top 7 down to the Top 5. What do you think, fans?

The group sing is “Man in the Mirror” and it’s really good tonight, better than most group sings. I think it has a lot to do with everybody singing individually for most of it and then the unison on the strong, easy chorus. Anyway – it’s good.

Results time. Chris Rene, Melanie Amaro and Rachel Crow are safe. That leaves Josh Krajcik, Drew, Astro and Marcus Canty. One of them is safe, one is automatically gone and two are singing for survival.

The final act safe is Josh Krajcik. The one automatically going home is … Astro. Not a huge shock. He’s a talented kid, he’s just young. Drew is in tears, she’s pretty distraught about the whole affair. I think it’s a lot like Astro was two weeks ago – she’s young and this is a lot of pressure. She’s just not speaking out in the same way he did.

When she sings for her life, Drew does “Listen to Your Heart” and it’s beautiful. More Roxette is never a bad thing. I demand “Dangerous” next week. She has a few bobbles, but I think she’s singing through being choked up, which is hard to do. The “to your dreams” into the key change is … hmm. I like it at first, but then does she flub the key change? It’s hard to tell. But you can tell when she’s done that she’s just beyond nervous and emotional. Poor girl.

Marcus does “One of Us” by Gladys Knight and it’s great. It’s better than Drew. Tonigiht, I do not envy the judges. I think Drew’s been more consistent, but Marcus just slayed her on the sing for your life portion. On the other hand, Marcus was in the bottom two weeks in a row.

For the voting, L.A. votes to keep Marcus and Simon votes to keep Drew, obviously. Simon, interestingly, takes total responsibility for Drew being in the bottom. Nicole then sends Drew home and then so does Paula! Wow. Simon is stunned, Drew is sobbing. Oh, sweetie.

I’m really bummed about this. Melanie and Rachel rush the stage and they all cry and cry.

Do you think everybody sent Drew home to spite Simon? It would not surprise me, honestly. The way he’s been treating them came back to bite him and Drew was the fallout. This kind of blows my theory that the judges know who the bottom people are ahead of time out of the water. I think Cowell was honestly surprised and angry that they judges voted his girl out. Maybe if he’d been nicer to Paula and Nicole, instead of acting like they’re stupid all the time, they wouldn’t have looked at this as a chance to send one of Simon’s people packing. I’m not saying they did that for sure, I’m just saying – wouldn’t be shocked if that was some of the motivation.

Drew uses her last words for a Jesus shout-out. They should’ve busted that out sooner, she’d probably still be around.

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