x factor finals fifth harmony tate stevens carly rose sonenclar fox 'X Factor': Who should win   Tate Stevens, Carly Rose Sonenclar or Fifth Harmony?The contestants have done their thing and now it’s up to the viewers to vote, but who do you think deserves to win Season 2 of “The X Factor”?

Country singing working class father Tate Stevens? Teenage phenom Carly Rose Sonenclar? Or underdog girl group Fifth Harmony?

Because the show has revealed audience vote rankings every week except for last week’s semi-finals, we know that Stevens and Sonenclar are the clear favorites. It has been either one or the other in the top slot every single week. But could the increasingly impressive Fifth Harmony step up and surprise?

In tonight’s finals each act performed three songs and earned universal praise from the judges, which seems to make it anyone’s game.

But we’re not asking who you think will win. We want to know who you think should win. So tells us, who’s your “X Factor” favorite?

Who should win ‘The X Factor’ Season 2?
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