simon cowell x factor judge 'X Factor's' Simon Cowell calls female judges 'witches,' needs to dial it backSimon Cowell has always been that prickly British judge that everyone loves. But on “The X Factor” this week, he showed some flashes of that ugly Simon that rears its head every once in awhile and we did not appreciate it.

Simon and Demi Lovato have always had a teasing relationship on the show, but tonight, all three women took umbrage with Cowell’s created group Sweet Suspense — and they were right. The performance was really lacking. There weren’t harmonies, it was largely carried by the back-up vocalists and the girls just didn’t seem to be having fun with each other.

The female judges weren’t mean and they weren’t wrong — they were offering constructive criticism to the girls.

But Cowell not only said it was their best performance yet, but he called his fellow judges “witches.” We have to wonder what he would have said if he was sitting next to three men. Plus, he needs to stop being so blinded by his own Frankengroups and realize that he can’t just shower them with praise week after week.

Also, Cowell himself orchestrated this judging panel of himself and three women who are considerably younger than he is, so he needs to own up that they know some stuff about the business and stop being a whiny “witch.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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