hilton francis getty fox 'X Factor's' Stacy Francis: Perez Hilton is 'just making up a lot of stuff' about her showbiz pastThe war of words between Perez Hilton and “The X Factor” finalist Stacy Francis is heating up.

The entertainment blogger has dedicated a fair amount of coverage in recent days to unearthing photos and videos of Francis’ seemingly robust show business past. Hilton has called Francis a “liar” and “a fraud” (and worse) for what he feels is not a fair disclosure of her professional singing history. But Francis is fighting back, suggesting Hilton is a shoddy journalist.

“He’s just making up a lot of stuff…he takes things and he twists it around and make it look like it’s right,” she says. “We are talking about my life here and it’s not just something [where] people can sit behind their computer and make up things.”

Hilton has offered, among other things, details of Francis performing alongside Debbie Allen during a production of “The Bayou Legend” and as well as news of her singing with Madonna, Chaka Khan and Prince. Francis denied on her Twitter page that she ever toured with any of the performers.

While Hilton has called Francis a “great singer,” this is clearly not enough to mollify her or lead to any sort of detente. She adds that these accusations and media scrutiny of her past have taken their toll on her.

“It’s devastating,” she says. “When people make up stuff and they bash me they don’t understand that they’re not only hurting me, but they’re hurting my children and they’re hurting my opportunity to succeed in my life to help my children.”

Can’t we all just get along?

Posted by:David Eckstein