stacy francis x factor 2 'X Factor's' Stacy Francis: 'Simon Cowell definitely threw me under the bus'
Stacy Francis is the latest eliminated act from “The X Factor.” She talks to the press about her experience – how she thinks Simon Cowell kind of threw her under the bus, echoing her sentiments after the results show when she told Zap2it, “I feel like I had a disadvantage by not being in [Simon’s] category.”

She does have nicer comments about fellow contestant Astro, however. Last night she was saying, “The thing to be disappointed about is when you see someone like Astro
have such an obnoxious attitude about it is that he gets to stay.”

On being in it to win it:

“I mean, I think that at the end of the day of course I would’ve loved to have won. I’m not maybe as confident in myself to say I should have won. I think everybody in the competition, we all definitely have a shot at it. I had my eye on the prize for sure.”

On Nicole Scherzinger as a mentor and Simon Cowell as a judge:

“I love Nicole very much, but the game was going really, really hardcore. I feel like Simon Cowell definitely threw me under the bus as a judge … As far as being in the game, the competition, he only stood up, he only gave standing ovations, for his contestants. He made it very clear that he wants to take the crown for one of his girls. He was not supporting any other contestants who weren’t his contestants. For that reason, I would’ve loved to be in his category because he has a very strong voice, the American people listen to him.”

On being eliminated instead of Astro:

“I didn’t expect to go home. When I saw Astro standing next to me, because he’s not a singer, I thought they would keep me because I’m a singer … and then he had a little attitude about it, I was hoping they would take advantage of that [and send him home]. But Simon loves a little rebel [laughs] and at the end of the day, Astro’s a really talented kid.

On Astro’s response to being in the bottom:

He responded like a child would respond. He’s 14 years old. I’m 42 and the night before, I stood there and my face wasn’t exactly what it should be as far as smiling. Sometimes we lose it. It’s very personal and it’s hard. That’s what happened to him. My heart goes out to him. He’s an extraordinary person and an extraordinary talent.

I think when you’re standing in that moment, you feel very invalidated as an artist. You feel like people don’t like you anymore. He’s a hip-hop artist first, he’s got a little Kanye West in him … He felt rejected. He’s young. And on the other side of that, for him to have the confidence at 14 years old to stand on that stage … I’m really very proud of him. I think he’s very talented.”

“The X Factor” airs Wednesday and Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX

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