chris carter amc gi 'X Files' creator Chris Carter is developing a show for AMC“The X-Files” creator Chris Carter is considering a return to TV. He’s developing a show for AMC, though just what it’s about and when it might be ready for production are a bit of a mystery.

“I think that I am treading on some of this interesting ground that Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, and Julian Assange have uncovered for us,” Carter tells Vulture, referring to National Security Agency leaker Snowden and Manning, who earlier this week was sentenced to prison for giving classified documents to Wikileaks. Carter also says the project is based on a book and “also owes to ‘The X-Files.'”

Carter tells the site that he’s written a draft of the script and is working on a second one, so any sort of pilot order is probably still a good distance in the future.

Carter’s only TV work since “The X-Files” ended was a drama called “Unique” that he worked on in 2011. The project didn’t go past the early stages of development.

Based on his cryptic hints, though, we look forward to seeing what comes of Carter’s work on a show about people leaking the existence of aliens that the government has covered up.

Would you like to see Carter return to TV? What do you make of the (few) details he’s offered about the project.

Posted by:Rick Porter